Rabu, 30 September 2009

Between Michael Jackson and Mbah Surip

These two people are famous, labeled as a star, sell million copies of songs, hold degree as one of the most successful musicians. Those men place the paths where people want to grasp; richness, popularity, and ease to do anything. It seems that they got a perfect life. Nobody denies their existence. Everybody loves and sings their songs. My friend who studied Music said that one of musician’s success is witnessing people’s enthusiasm when they sing his or her songs. In that point, Michael Jackson and Mbah Surip score higher than others. Yet, whether or not they are in the same type, there are some differences that make me interested in them.

Among world musicians, Michael Jackson is undeniably the most successful one. He grasped popularity since he was just 5 and spent the rest of his life living in popularity. He had a perfect voice with attractive dance show. He sold more than a hundred copy of album, claimed to be the highest number in music industry. In fact, until now, nobody does the same wow. In the opposite, Mbah Surip got his popularity when he was not young anymore. He didn’t have perfect voice and attractive stage show. Many people say his songs are only a group of silly and simple songs. Compared with Michael Jackson’s songs, they were nothing.

Yet, Mbah Surip played his role wisely. He was pleased to have interviews or meet the press. He welcomed everybody who wanted to know him. He didn’t think that he should have been a perfect actor, yet he dressed simply and got dreadlock. He didn’t wear any glamorous dress and didn’t ride luxurious car either. Wherever he went, his son took him with their Smash. He was still a humble man and popularity didn’t change a bit of him.

Let’s look at Michael Jackson! He built children playing ground, Neverland to take revenge to his father. His father made him lose his childhood because he insisted young Michael to have a lot of vocal exercise. Further, Michael bought a big and deluxe house, just like Buckingham Palace. He avoided media as he thought that they only wanted to destroy his life. He didn’t have any chance to meet people safely so that he took many bodyguards with him. Besides, Michael Jackson had a plastic surgery, changing his skin into white, as he wanted to be a perfect star. As a consequence, he troubled with vertigo for the rest of his life. Perhaps you still remember when Michael Jackson was sent to court as he was accused of doing sexual abuse to a 11-year-old boy. It seems that Michael filled his life with troubles and troubles.

I don’t want to judge whether Mbah Surip is an angel or Michael Jackson is a devil. I think both of them just portray opposite roles. I also cannot say that Mbah Surip is good and Michael Jackson is bad. It is not a matter of being good or bad. It’s all about choice. However, how Michael Jackson and Mbah Surip died proved that choice takes serious consequence. Michael was found died in his house, alone and terrifying. His death still left problems to his family. Yet, Mbah Surip died in peace and his close people were with him. How we run our life, however, ends in different way.

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