Rabu, 07 Januari 2009

single fighter

Sometimes, we wake up in the morning with no one else to share with, but only obstacles. Sometimes, we have to spend all of our energy only to solve the problems that actually do not belong to us, but we have to be there. Sometimes the problems drive us all of the time, and we realize that we are only busy of getting out of them without any single time to take care of ourselves. Sometimes, just sometimes, we do not remember the last time we could laugh loudly. We forget how to be ourselves as the world demands us too much.

Yes, this place is a restless world where we cannot stay silently. Once we enter it, no turning back then. We have to move, we have to jump, we have to run, we have to do so many things, because those are the only things enabling us to stand still. There is no guarantee that when we do A we will get A later, or when we are good we will earn goodness. On the contrary, there is much surprise there and we have to be ready.

Perhaps, at the first time we think that we have a perfect life. But, we find later that the people around us are not as good as they are, that the job is not as easy as we see, that we cannot handle certain things, that we have to loose certain people, that we cannot do something, that we are alone, that the one we love sometimes cannot love us like we want; that everything can always go wrong.

We have done everything later, but sometimes, we cannot be the winner, but the looser. But, at least, we have done our best. At least, we have courage to get involved in and finish all of the games. At least, we stay, not run away. And at least here we are passing through all those rough roads. And here we are, ready for the next stage

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