Jumat, 14 November 2008

terteror handphone

Technology has been developing along with the progress of human civilization. Some people say that this one of the indicators of the progress of human life. Others also say that technology makes life easier to run. One of the advantages of having advanced technology is that we can communicate with people easily. Long time ago, people still communicated by sending letter. Then, telephone showed up in certain areas. Finally, the prestigious one came, mobile phone. As its name, it is easy to carry anywhere you go. You can also use it anytime you want. Even, you can talk to all of the people you want to talk to, wherever they are.

Perhaps, this is the most effective device to be used in the communication world. You can talk directly to the intended person, anytime, anywhere. Though I am not a kind of person who is addicted to this phone --all people know that it is better to find me using the Internet not in my mobile phone :p--, I always use this gadget when I have to call somebody urgently.

In spite of all of the ease we get by having mobile phone, there is one thing to be left behind, ethics. Some people think that once they have mobile phone then they can do anything, including all of the ridiculous ones. For instance, a man who is approaching a woman calls the woman at midnight, the time when the woman is already falling asleep. The jerk continues his action by telling her "honey, baby, sweetie, and all kinds of sweet things" followed by a satisfied laughter, remarking the jerk's achievement after making the woman confused successfully. Or, another example is when somebody gets trouble with someone, he phones him at midnight in order to terrorize him, waking up the enemy at midnight by sending holly words; I cursed you since you were born!

Yes, we deserve to do anything with this gadget. But, have you ever thought that others also deserve having good sleep at night? Or, the simple thing is that others also deserve feeling comfortable in their days. I believe that you will not feel well when you get a mysterious phone in the late night when the system of your body is already taking a rest. And I do believe that everybody feels afraid when he or she is terrorized all the time. Everybody deserves the freedom of fear, the freedom of feeling comfortable, and the freedom of feeling safe in their life. Or, perhaps, the increasing of this communication device has changed people's mental quality. If you have problem, why don't you come to the person you are troubled with and talk to him or her directly? If you also love somebody, why don't you come to him or her and show your attention?

I think we should treat technology wisely. Do not ever let it lose your quality as a human being.

--ditulis dalam kegundahan dan kejengkelan yang mendalam gara2 beberapa hari eni di miscall/di tlp malem2..makasih buat yang udah nelpon ndaru jam 2 pagi, ndaru jadi tau dimana HP ndaru--

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