Senin, 15 Desember 2008


We live side by side with people. You cannot count for sure how many faces you meet everyday. Each second you step your feet, you'll meet people. When you turn your head to the left you find people. You do so when your eyes explore the right side. Perhaps, you have a chance to run away from your surroundings, visiting a remote island in the edge of the earth. There are just you and your shadow; they are just you! But still, you meet people in the whole journey. Though you are only all alone in your room, you still find people in the television, magazine, or newspaper.

Yes, we live with human beings that are, socially, legalized to be called people. Each of them is unique, having their own personality and character. Often, we get messed of them, discovering that not all people are good people. Some people come to you because they really want to treat you as you yourself. You may also find the people who only leave scars in your heart, but many people touch your heart deeply. Another are only critiquing your existence; why you act like this, why you choose that one, why you do this, or why you don't do that. Others debate your quality because you DO NOT share the same way with theirs.

Perhaps, having the people who grant pain is much more relieving, because we learn from the pain itself. At first, we might be down but in the end we wake up to be tougher, to look at the plus-things, and to give thanks for the lessons. But, the anger fulfills the entire body when having to face the people who only come for arguing, debating, critiquing, commenting, and all things dealing with talking-actions. They are always being there; watching you from the head-top until your toe. They are waiting for every single thing you do, then for the rest of the time comment on your this and that, and continue their speech by bombarding you with the 5Ws+H questions.

Their words are like the dress you do not like most because they do not suit on you, but, they insist saying that that is the way you are. You do not realize that they are around, as they do much effort to know you closer, even do some ridiculous things such as telephoning you in the middle of the night by using so many numbers. But still, they become the other people in the morning by saying big hi to you. You do not know where you should put these people in your place, because they are too much to be looked at, but too precarious to be ignored.

Finally, in the end of your disappointment, you realize that these kinds of people should be here for making you much tougher rather than facing those who leave scars. Perhaps, they are just deadhead, because they do not know how to treat others, or they are just cold fish who use their standard to be the almighty tool to socialize with others. Above all, they are still people.

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