Rabu, 17 September 2008

The complicated world: relationship

Relationship. Prince Habuba says this thing is not as easy as spelling it. There is much ethic to be taken, there is much limit to be watched, and there are more complicated rules surrounding the existence of this word. Sometimes I wonder how it can be so confusing when dealing with this thing. In one hand, people laugh because of relationship. On the other hand, they cry and fall down.

In the world of relationship we face people, definitely human beings. Each of them is different, each of them is unique too. Once, we may use logics when treating people around us. Once we have to pay attention to feeling. Once, even more, we have to swim to the deeper area of somebody, that is more than logics and feeling, yet they themselves as somebody.

We may experience laughter, but we often find pain. Perhaps the second one is the hardest thing to be carried upon. Once somebody that is close to you hurts you, you will stumble down. You do not find the angel face, nor does feel warmth in his or her shoulder. Suddenly, your mind is only filled with the way he or she hurts you. Then you forget how both of you spend the time by holding each other.

Your closest person perhaps makes mistake only once and he or she does so many good deeds for million times. But, among all deeds we do, we have to remember that not all deeds are okay. Hurting somebody, however, does not make relationship. Relationship grows because of support, love, care, and acceptance, because the people involved respect each other.

Then how if your best friend hurts you? Forgive them if you can do. But if not, because it is too much hurting, just let him or her go. Sometimes, we have to lose relationship. Sometimes, just sometimes, we have to close certain book of our journey to begin the new one with new understanding of how treat somebody in a relationship.

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