Senin, 04 Agustus 2008

A piece of reflection about Batman

After waiting for two weeks (I consider it as ‘long period’ hihihi), finally I watched the latest Batman movie; The Dark Knight on sunny Saturday, the day where I usually got call for extra work. I really wanted to see the newest figure of this bat man since I read Del’s blog. And, I was lucky, to be able to enter the theatre after loooong waiting and queueing (Sure, it was like queueing for BLT fund). Yet, I still laughed at my self, remembering what my Dad and I did to have the tickets.

I fell in love with this superhero that has funky mask since I was in the elementary school. I have all of the Batman movie collections, starting from the (ups..sorry) bald Michael Keaton until the cute Christian Bale. I still remembered I had Brondan Prakoso’s song, Batman Idolaku in my room and I used to sing it long time ago. Oh, of course, I had another stuff dealing with Batman.

As a Batman’s big fans, I have to say that this movie (The Dark Knight) is completely unique, it is absolutely different from the other series. One thing I like most is the characterization of the actors. I was amazed of how Heath Ledger plays Jack Napier or the Joker. The Joker looks more ‘lively’ in Heath Ledger rather than in Jack Nicholson. So does Aaron Eckhart who brilliantly acts as Harvey Dent or Two Face. I think he is better than Tommy Lee Jones. But, it does not mean that I want to doubt Jack Nicholson’s and Tommy Lee Jones’ acting skill. Besides, in this series, Batman is described not only a kind of hero, but he is also an ordinary man with his anger when facing a freak like Joker.

My Dad also enjoyed watching the movie. I’ll tell you his ‘speech’ (oh..again, I’d say it speech rather than just small talk hihihi) in the way home. While enjoying the ice cream, he said that at least there are two valuable things he reflected from that awesome movie. First, a hero is not a performer. Indeed, a hero does so many things, lots of effort, and sacrifice. But, in the end, sometimes he does not need to show up. Sometimes he does not need any people’s confession and compliment. A hero does not need handclapping after doing his deed, on the contrary, a performer needs it.

Second, (my Dad still continued his speech), sometimes life does not go like the way we plan. Harvey Dent intends to be a good man, struggling fair and justice in his city, doing his duty determinedly as a district attorney. Unfortunately, everything goes wrong; the Joker is too smart to be caught and greedy and Dent loses his wife-to be. Feeling upset and desperate, Dent chooses to seek another justice he wants. He kills the people whom he considers to be responsible of his girlfriend’s death.

Ru..doing good deeds is not easy. You will always meet barrier anywhere you are. But, it is up to you to stay good or turn to be bad.

My Dad kept talking like a campaign spokeperson. Suddenly, he turned his head. I was a bit far from him. “What are you doing there?”, he asked me. “aku ngelih bos,,,ngelih kiiiiii”. Hihihihihihihihi.

While having lunch, I thought that Herna would have been angry if she watched this movie. She would not agree with the ending of the movie in which Two Face becomes the real hero. However, I love all things in this movie. Four thumbs up!!!

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