Jumat, 01 Agustus 2008

everlasting sisterhood

Last night, after finishing a bunch of work (I’d say it a bunch of work rather than homework..hihihi), I suddenly caught the sight of a picture, right on my desk. That was the picture of me and Herna. I usually left it just like other stuff in my room. Yet, that night my mind was spinning around her. I remembered her calm face, the smiles that energize me, the words that please me, and the hugs that enlighten me. I did miss her.

Then, my mind went back to our childhood, the beginning time where we made friends. She was with me for all activities I had; flying kite, playing football, fishing, cycling, and even fighting with ‘the boys next door’. She never complained what I did though I believed, sometimes, she did not agree with me. Yet, she was still a cute girl with the tail and her mini bicycle. Perhaps she was the nicest kid among us.

We grew up together and witnessed each phase of our life. My auntie said she made me found my feminine side. Each time I was in trouble she was there to help me control my ‘ready-blow-up’ emotion. One thing I adored most from her was her way of advising. It seemed that she guided me but not taught me what to do. I always came to her when I needed somebody to talk to. And, I never told her how much she made me learn to listen to people around me.

November 10, 2006. I never thought it was the last day to see her. I was impressed, before, and inspired of course, by her toughness. She taught me to face difficulties bravely but still humbly. And, she still considered death as part of life. She did not want to say good bye to me but see you, because she believed we would meet someday. Above all pain and lost I felt, I believed that she still watched over me. And, thank God, I did not burst into tears for the first time (Hihihi..frankly I always cried when remembering her much).

Thank you Herna, for this everlasting sisterhood…

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