Selasa, 12 Agustus 2008

Being somebody

This is a story of somebody who lived as a ‘somebody’. Being ‘somebody’, she was honored as ‘somebody’ who had anything in this world; beauty, excellent academic achievement, brilliant career, and rich family. Her parents loved her with all the love in the world, making her as the luckiest girl, perhaps, in this planet. Besides, everyday she had her sister who always stayed as her best friend; listening to what she was feeling of and encouraging her in every road she stepped in. Yes, she had a wonderful family that did not only fulfill her psychological needs but also the physical ones.

Outside of her ‘palace’, she was the star among her friends. Perhaps she was not as beautiful as Cindy Crawford, not as rich as Paris Hilton, and not as smart as Natalie Portman, but she was an independent girl with her own determination and dignity. Everybody came to her and adored her much, wishing that this nice girl would be their ‘somebody’. Later, many guys with good-looking physical appearances proposed her to be their ‘special somebody’. She walked around to find the real love she wanted to be in those good-looking guys. But, their love only stopped at her ups; on the other hand, they left her when she was in her downs.

Later, she realized that she was in the wrong road. She only followed her family’s idealism, lived in the world of dreams, and did not live her own life. She was somebody else, not herself. Next, she was surprised to find so much lies in her surroundings. The people who declared themselves as friends betrayed her, trying to kick her out. The people whom she knew as best friends left her. And, the family which she thought as angels was only a group of people who insisted their dream to her. Yes, she was alone, realizing that she was only nobody. And, it hurt much…

Yet, she accepted her defeat and run her new life bravely. It was hard of course, because she had to leave her past life, went out from her palace, and became the enemy of her own family. But she kept holding on with her own belief. She wanted to be somebody with her herself as the portrait of the actor of her life, not the other portrait of the imagination of her parents’ ambition. And, now she is happy with her choice, to be somebody who is really her herself.

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