Kamis, 07 Agustus 2008

A Small Thinking about Life

Have you ever done this stupid thing: sitting on your chair alone with a glass of coffee and remembering what have you experienced in the whole of your life? Perhaps you stay in your room only with your favorite song. Or, you can sit along the sea sand and watch the wave competing to reach the seashore. Well, everybody has their own way I guess. And, it is not a matter of being alone and daydreaming. But, it is about reflecting your whole life.

Definitely, when we were children, we did a lot of fun. We woke up in the early morning, took our dog for a walk, and went to school for only about 3 hours, then spent the rest of the time with having outdoor activities. We did not think about what really important homework was. We considered friends as the people who were with us in every activity we had. We shared laughs, talks, and deeds. Indeed, we knew some of them were good, some were bad. Yet, we did not specify what good meant, neither bad. We, sometimes, quarreled with them, and often ended up in fighting. But, we only stopped at the feeling of dislike. Then, we knew we had a family which consisted of a father, a mother, and a/some sibling/siblings.

Later, day by day, year by year, we found the essence of every single thing we should have done before. Waking up in the early morning does not mean an obligation, but a need. We need it as we should do the next activity; going to school for example. Besides, we found that going to school was not only a ‘somebody’s job to do’. We needed it because we had to stay alive. Later, what we had done in school became the basis for the next place we had to step in; working. Long time ago, I asked my Mom, “Why should I go to school? Why don’t I just stay at home and sleep for the whole day?”. And, she answered, “You will not stay alive with that kind of thinking”.

Yes, the world has its own rule. The rule says all people should do something to fulfill their needs, to stay alive. People also need somebody else to be friends for so many times they will go throughout. Unfortunately, social relationship is more complicated than we knew when we were children. Now we are able to specify what good and bad are. Sometimes, it is hard to find truly friends who give the whole heart for us, who stay with us in every piece of time. We know that we can lose them anytime in so many ways. And, we know that they can hurt us, also in so many ways. Often we have to face so (again) many surprises; someone whom we leave comes to us in our down and someone whom we trust most leaves us. We do not only deal with the feeling of like and dislike. Yet, there are so many feelings filling our heart and forcing us to encounter them.

Yes, sometimes life is too complicated and not easy. We find that we are not the God of our life. We plan everything but it does not go like the way we want to. On the contrary, everything can change only in second. Well, like my friend who still fights against blood cancer says, we only need to open our heart and consider all things from many angles. At least, we have learnt so many many things from a miracle named life.

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